Making an Appointment And Payment Of Fee

  • You can make an appointment by contacting the office
  • You can pay by cash, credit or debit card and by cheque


Self-Funding Patients:

  • Are expected to pay the full amount due on the day of clinic attendance for either consultation or treatment.
  • The clinic does not offer a retrospective postal billing system.

Patients covered by medical insurance:

  • YOU MUST contact your medical insurer prior to making an appointment
  • Medical insurers almost always require you to obtain a letter of referral from either your GP or another specialist before making an appointment
  • Medical insurers usually DO NOT cover cosmetic consults or treatments
  • Medical insurers usually DO cover consultations for diagnostic reasons
  • Medical insurers usually DO cover treatments of skin rashes, infections, pre-cancerous conditions and skin cancers
  • Medical insurers usually DO cover treatments of symptomatic skin conditions e.g itching, painful, bleeding etc.
  • When you contact your medical insurer to arrange your first appointment please ask them if your policy has any voluntary excess i.e. an amount for which you will have to pay the clinic yourself before medical insurance cover kicks in (please note medical insurer policies vary widely in this regard)
  • If your medical insurer agrees to cover your first consultation appointment with the clinic they will give you a unique AUTHORISATION NUMBER. This number applies for this clinic appointment only and not any subsequent review consultations or treatments.
  • Please bring this authorisation number with you on the day of your clinic appointment and give it, along with with your membership number to the receptionist at the time . This enables the clinic to bill your insurer directly. If you have any voluntary excess on your policy you should pay this to the receptionist at the time.
  • When you see the doctor they will give you details of any subsequent review appointments or any treatment procedures required.
  • Treatment procedures e.g. skin excisions entail a diagnostic code and fee, the details of which the doctor will give you. You should contact your insurer with this information following your first consultation and they will give you a separate and new AUTHORISATION NUMBER number for this procedure which you should bring with you to your subsequent appointment.
  • Review consultations may be covered by your initial Authorisation number or required a separate and new Authorisation number, depending on your insurer and your policy. Either way you should contact your insurer to inform them YOU REQUIRE A REVIEW CONSULATION and they will arrange the necessary.
  • Please note that there is some variation between different insurers between terms and conditions of cover and you should speak directly to your insurer in relation to any specific queries.
  • Please note that it is clinic policy that if you attend for an appointment without a prior insurer authorisation number you will be expected to pay for this yourself on the day, and will then have to contact your insurer to claim this back yourself.
  • Please also note that payment of fee following attendance at the clinic is the patient’s responsibility. Specifically It is not the clinics responsibility to deal with issues relating to cover that arise between the patient and the insurer .


Medical Insurance Details:

Bloomfield Laser Clinic BUPA provider number: 60009900

Dr Julian Handley:
BUPA provider number – 02980696
AXA/ PPP provider number – JH02332
AVIVA provider number – 100096600
H3 provider number – H00283
WPA provider number – 57195

If your medical insurer provider number is not listed please contact your medical insurer and check firstly they recognise the relevant doctor, and secondly their provider number.