Making an Appointment And Payment Of Fee

  • You can pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card
  • All self -funding fees are payable on day of clinic attendance

Patients covered by medical insurance:

  • When contacting the clinic to make an appointment you should inform the clinic of the name of your medical insurer, your membership number, and whether or not you have any voluntary excess
  • Most insurers require that you are referred to the clinic by your general practitioner or another recognised medical specialist – you should obtain a referral letter from them and give this to the doctor/ receptionist when you attend the clinic for your appointment
  • You should contact your medical insurer prior to clinic attendance and obtain a pre-authorisation number from them for your clinic appointment
  • When you attend the clinic you should provide the receptionist with your authorisation number
  • This means that the clinic can bill your insurer directly for this appointment
  • Should you require any subsequent further review appointments or treatments the doctor/ receptionist will provide you with details, at the time of your initial attendance
  • You can book any subsequent appointment with the receptionist on the day
  • Prior to attendance for further review or treatment you will need to contact your insurer with the relevant details to obtain further pre-authorisation
  • For review appointments most medical insurers only usually require you to let them know but do not usually issue a new pre-authorisation number
  • For any further treatments or procedures medical insurers will issue you a new and separate pre- authorisation number
  • If you attend the clinic for an appointment/ treatment without a medical insurance pre-authorisation number, clinic policy is that you will be expected to pay for this appointment on the day yourself; if appropriate you may then be able to claim this fee back from your medical insurer yourself

Medical Insurance Details:

  • Bloomfield Laser Clinic BUPA provider number: 60009900
  • Dr Julian Handley:
    • Axa/ PPP provider number – JH02332
    • BUPA provider number – 02980696
    • Aviva provider number – 100096600
    • WPA provider number – 57195
    • H3 provider number – H00283
    • AXA/ PPP provider number –
    • Royal and Sun Alliance provide4r number –
  • Dr David Alderdice:
    • BUPA provider number – 03323425
    • Aviva provider number – 600027233
    • WPA provider number – 3537135
    • Axa/ PPP provider number – DA00932A
  • Dr Suzanne Clements:
    • BUPA provider number – 06031433
    • Aviva provider number – 6000105953
    • H3 provider number – H00399
    • Axa/ PPP provider number - SC 05533


If your medical insurer provider number is not listed please contact your medical insurer and check firstly they recognise the relevant doctor, and secondly their provider number.