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The clinic boasts the best and most comprehensive range of Laser treatment in both the North and South of Ireland. This is on a par with any of the leading laser clinics in the UK, Europe and North America.

Our current range of laser and related devices includes:

  • Cynergy pulsed dye laser with multiplex
  • V Beam pulsed dye laser
  • M22 Lumenis Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Q switch ruby laser
  • Medlite C6 q switch NdYag laser
  • Apogee elite alexandrite and NdYag laser
  • Fraxel SR 750 (Fraxel Restore) laser
  • Lumenis Active/Deep FX laser
  • Erbium laser
  • Velasmooth/ Velashape ELOS device

We offer the following categories of treatment:

  • red mark removal
  • brown mark removal
  • hair removal in all skin types (caucasian, asian and black)
  • erbium laser peeling
  • erbium laser ablation
  • skin photorejuvenation with both laser and IPL
  • removal of multi- coloured tattoos

  • ablative standard laser resurfacing (C02 and erbium)
    Mouth area before and 4 months after standard CO2 laser resurfacing
  • non ablative fractional laser resurfacing (Fraxel Restore)
  • ablative fractional laser resurfacing (Active/ Deep FX)
  • non surgical skin tightening and lifting
  • non surgical body contouring and lipolysis
  • cellulite removal

Commonly treated conditions include:

  • port wine stain birthmarks
  • Cafe au lait type birthmarks
    Xanthelasma on the eyelids before and 4 months after erbium laser ablation
  • spider naevi
  • telangiectasia (thread veins) of the face, body and legs
  • brown birth marks
  • freckles, lentigos (liver or sun spots)
  • melasma (chloasma or pregnancy mask)
  • haemosiderin pigmentation (light brown staining over the lower legs associated with varicose veins)
  • tattoos of all colours both professional and amateur
  • drug induced pigmentation of the skin
  • excessive facial and body hair
  • in-growing hairs and shavers bumps
  • skin freshening
  • sun-damaged skin (shrinkage of pores, removal of reddening and freckling)
  • poikiloderma of civatte
  • wrinkle removal
  • scars of all types including red , brown, keloid, acne and chicken pox related
    Mouth area before and 4 months after standard CO2 laser resurfacing
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • xanthelasma (visible fat deposits around the eyes)
    Xanthelasma on the eyelids before and 4 months after erbium laser ablation
  • non surgical lower face and neck lifting
  • non surgical eyelid and browlifting
  • improvement of cellulite of the thighs and buttocks
  • body contouring of the tummy, thighs, hips and upper arms
  • non surgical fat removal of the chin, tummy and thighs