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Hair Loss – Diagnosis of cause, and medical treatment

This service is led  by Dr Julian Handley, Consultant Dermatologist.

Although genetically inherited age-related male and female pattern hair loss are the most common forms of diffuse patterned hair loss, there are a variety of other less common causes  of diffuse un-patterned hair loss (metabolic, hormonal abnormalities, and autoimmune disease) which may appear similar. Hair loss can also be patchy the most common cause of which is alopecia areata, thought to be a form of autoimmune disease.

It is essential that the correct diagnosis is made in people who suffer  hair loss. Diagnostic investigations may include blood tests, scalp biopsies, and microscopic hair shaft and root analysis. 

Dependant on the cause of your hair loss a variety of varyingly effective medical treatments are available .

For those in whom medical treatment is either ineffective or not  available, surgical procedures such as follicular unit transplantation and or scalp reduction may can offer cure with excellent cosmetic results .

This clinic service offers the full range of diagnostic tests, and medical treatment for all types of hair loss.

For more information on hair loss and treatment see:

For surgical treatment of hair loss including follicular unit transplantation (FUT) the clinic recommends Dr Bessam Farjo (