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Clinic Medical Structure

The medical services at the clinic are structured as follows:

The clinic timetable is designed with patient convenience in mind with both daytime and evening clinics. All clinics with the exception of Dr Handley’s monday evening laser clinic (Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, Belfast) are based at the Lodge Medical Centre, Groomsport.

Clinics are of three types:

  • Doctor –led (D)
  • Specialist nurse – led (SN)
  • Nurse- led (N)

Clinic Timetable









General , Surgical and Medico legal Dermatology (D – Handley)

Laser hair, tattoo, brown marks, cellulite, body contouring (N)


 Cosmetic , Laser and  Surgical Dermatology
(D- Handley)

Laser Hair, tattoo, brown marks, cellulite, body contouring (N)



General , Surgical and Medicolegal Dermatology (D – Handley)

cosmetic and laser dermatology (SN Macnamara)

General and Surgical Dermatology (D – Alderdice)

Cosmetic, Laser and Surgical Dermatology
(D- Handley)


Laser hair, tattoo, brown marks, cellulite, body contouring  (N)

Laser hair, tattoo, brown marks, cellulite, body contouring (N)

Laser hair, tattoo, brown mark, cellulite, body contouring (N)

Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology
(SN- MacNamara)


Laser red marks, tattoos, IPL photofacial  (D- Ulster- Handley)